Review Policy


As previously stated I will read pretty much anything, so that means I review what I read. Before starting my blog, if I didn’t like a book I simply didn’t review it or leave any stars. Just because I didn’t like it doesnt mean that someone else won’t love it and become their favourite book EVER.

Now however because I’m signing up for ARC’S or being asked to read something I feel like it would be a good idea to set out some guidelines and explain some things. For example the scoring system. I like being a bit quirky so will try and use something that reflects the book in my review. If none are available then stars or hearts will be used.

  • Most books will probably be 3/4 stars, I would love to rate all books as 5 but I’ve become alot stricter with myself about giving stars. That’s not to say I didn’t like your book or it needed anything changing.
  • I absolutely HATE giving 2 stars or less. I would only do this if your book just wasn’t for me. This is NOTHING personal and my reviews will always state that although it wasnt my cup of tea someone else might love it.
  • If I do give your book 2 stars or less then my review will be about the book and NOT you as an author. I dislike others who use low ratings just to bash an author let alone giving little to none constructive criticism.
  • I am a lone blogger. There is just me reading, reviewing and promoting so I retain the right to refuse to review anything that doesn’t grab my attention from a blurb. Again this is nothing personal, but I do have a husband and 3 young children who need me more.
  • If after reading all that, and you agree that my blog and I are worth taking a chance on please email
  • ***** unfortunately I’m currently not available for new reviews requests/promo requests. ******

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